In January 2015 we marked Holocaust Memorial Day in Chichester with a tribute to former Chichester Member of Parliament John Abel Smith- who campaigned so effectively for Religious and Political Rights in the mid- 1800’s. For January 2016, the same team, now working with the University of Chichester Music Department and Chichester Cathedral, then organised the production of the opera ‘Last Train to Tomorrow’ conducted in person by its composer Carl Davis. Then, working closely with the Department of History & Politics at the University of Chichester, the team organised ‘Conspiracies -the Evil and the Good’ special film screenings at New Park Cinema on 27th January 2017. On 27th January 2018, a performance of the Opera PUSH, composed by Howard Moody, took place at Chichester Cathedral.  A second performance took place at St Paul’s, Chichester, on Wednesday 11th April 2018.

PUSH then travelled to perform at The Speaker’s Apartments, Westminster on Monday 28th January 2019 to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.  The invitation only audience comprised of a cross-party selection of MP’s, Rabbis, and senior members of various jewish and refugee groups.

In 2020, we performed PUSH at the Minerva at Chichester Festival Theatre to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We also travelled to Westbourne House and staged a performance in aid of the Sussex Snowdrops Trust.

Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day Trustees:

Clare Apel (Chair)

Although I was born in the U.K., because my father was an Austrian Jew, I was born an Austrian citizen.  In 1947 my father took on British citizenship so I then became British.  I was always aware we were not the usual British family but never quite sure why.  I knew my father was Jewish, but my mother was English.  I also knew that we saw a great deal of my mother’s extended family but we only saw one of my father’s cousins.  As I grew up that there were quiet voices at home talking in whispers.  I knew my father was in and out of mental hospitals often having electric shock treatment.  It was after he died I discovered the true extent of how so many of his close family had been killed mostly in the gas chambers of Auschwitz  Birkenau after being in Theresienstadt. He never spoke about it. Being able to start Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day means I am doing something to educate people of the horrors of  the Holocaust and all the subsequent genocides and human rights abuses.

Clare Apel – Chichester City and Chichester District Councillor

Ralph Apel

Ralph’s father came to the UK with the Free Polish Army.  Born in Kielce in 1910 he like two million other poles was called to war in late August 1939. 

Captured by the Red Army he was sent to what we now call the Gulag.  When Germany invaded in June 1941 Stalin made an agreement with the Polish Government-in-Exile in London so that Poles were free to leave.  He made the journey from the Arctic Circle to the Caspian and joined Ander’s Army and thence via Persia, Iraq, Syria and the Mandate to Egypt.  He ended up in the UK where he was on prisoner escort to the USA.  In Feb 1944 he transferred to HM Forces proper and landed on D-Day.

In April 1945 he was one of the first into Bergen-Belsen.  Three living skeletons walked towards him; they recognised him but not vice-versa they were connected by marriage.  They informed him that ALL his blood family and spouses were dead.  We are talking here of c.250 human beings. It included Ralph’s brother, sister and grandfather.

Ralph has known this since he was three.

You might, perhaps, understand his devotion and dedication to promulgating the truth.

Martyn Bell

Martyn Bell is a co-founder of Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day. He was born in Brighton on 27th January 1945-the very day Auschwitz was liberated and the date which has become Holocaust Memorial Day each year. Educated at a State Grammar School and then Manchester University , where he graduated in Economics, he has pursued a career in International Marketing & Retailing, retiring in 2000. Since then he has lived in the City of Chichester and has served as a local Councillor since 2007. In 2018/19 he was appointed Mayor of Chichester. It was while serving as Chairman of Chichester District Council that he co-founded CMHMD with fellow Councillor Clare Apel, her husband Ralph and Trevor James in 2014/15. Martyn is Chairman of Chichester District Scouts and a Director and Trustee of the Oxmarket Centre of Arts in Chichester

Martyn Bell – Chichester City Councillor

Cynara Davies

I have worked for 25 years in the cultural sector for a variety of organisations including English Heritage, National Trust, Chichester Cathedral and currently for the Southampton2025 Trust. Central to this work has been increasing access to heritage through learning and engagement for people of all ages and creating inclusive opportunities to explore and share the stories and experiences that matter to people and shape our lives. Recent projects I have developed include a Human Rights Education workshop series and a programme of learning events to mark International Day of Peace.

Jonathan Golden

Jonathan Golden is an Employment Lawyer. He was a trustee of the Wiener Holocaust Library for many years before moving to West Sussex in 2009. His mother’s immediate family survived the Holocaust having moved to England from Greece before WWII, but much of her family remained in Salonica: some perished in the camps, some were protected by Franco’s regime, and others were successfully hidden by remarkably brave Greek families. After WWII the surviving family was dispersed across Europe, America and Africa; none remained in Salonica.

Jill Hoskins

Jill is the Joint Artistic Director, with Kate Jones, of PUSH Chichester, performed both in Chichester since 2018 and at Speaker’s House, London.  She is Vice-Chair of CMHMD to Clare Apel and is committed to bringing awareness of past and present holocausts and genocides to all ages through ongoing Arts and Education programmes.

Jill is also co-founder of Dance House with Kate Jones and is the production director for their events at The Alexandra Theatre, Bognor Regis.  Dance House is an arts initiative project designed to encourage original and diverse dance work within schools and community dance groups and to provide participants with performance opportunities in a professional theatre.

Trevor James

Trevor James is a Chartered Accountant specialising in advice to charities. From 2005 to 2011 he was vice-chairman of the Charity Special Interest Group of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and continues to be actively involved in both formal and informal charity sector groups. In a personal capacity he is an Elder of Chichester’s Swanfield Chapel and a trustee of a number of local and national charities. He is married to Linda, a retired teacher who has a historical geography PhD, and they have a grown up son and daughter.

Michael Keegan

Michael Keegan is a Businessman and part time student at King’s College London, War Studies Department.

Mark Schwarz

Mark Schwarz, lives in Chichester with his wife and three daughters. His grandparents and father escaped Leipzig, Germany in 1938, fleeing to Australia where Mark was brought up. His great grandparents perished in the Holocaust but his father’s siblings all survived in the US, Israel and the UK. He is the Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Mobility Technologies at Vontier Corporation, a US listed conglomerate and is both a Trustee of CMHMD and performed in PUSH.

Dr Andrew WM Smith

Andrew is an historian of modern France interested particularly in ideologies and strategies of resistance, and how identities are shaped by interaction with the state. This has led him to look at wartime resistance, protest movements, and decolonization spanning the Second World War and Cold War. Andrew is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History and Politics at the University of Chichester, Secretary of the Society for the Study of French History and Honorary Director of Communications for the Royal Historical Society.