Simon Gronowski and composer Howard Moody

Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day has been proud to stage several performances of Howard Moody’s celebrated opera PUSH

PUSH was written by the internationally acclaimed composer Howard Moody, and is based on the remarkable true story of Simon Gronowski. Simon’s life, by his own words, “is only miracles”, and the title refers to the desperate and courageous gesture of his mother, who saved his life by pushing him off a train to Auschwitz in 1943.

The story explores the best and worst in human nature, shifting in time to consider the plight of refugees, and cycles of war and suffering. Ultimately, the piece offers hope for our capacity for healing and forgiveness, even in the most challenging times.

To mark the anniversary of the day the Belgian resistance stopped the XX Convoy and Simon Gronowski escaped, the performance video below was released, featuring casts from all four productions of PUSH. The performance is also intended as a tribute to all our key workers who are putting themselves at risk to help everyone else in the extraordinary times we find ourselves in now.

150 singers and musicians have recorded themselves in their living rooms singing the finale “Ma Vie n’est que Miracles”. The final scene of PUSH is the moment when all the voices come together to express optimism in a dark world.