Words and Audio Files for Choir Members

Listen to the complete soundtrack  on soundcloud. (streaming, no download possible)

Words as pdf download PUSH final LIBRETTO April 12 2016.  NB: There is a slight difference in some of the lyrics sung on learning tracks and the vocal score. We are using the words as printed in the score.

Recordings of the soprano, alto, tenor and bass choir parts can be found hereto help members learn their parts.   These recordings were created to help the choir members for the Battle Festival premiere performance.  They have been tweaked to enhance the volume and make it easier to hear your part.

Instructions on how to download:

Click this link to reach the music storage location PUSH.  The ReadME files contain more detailed instructions about downloads.

In the PUSH folder the four files: Sop, Alto, Tenor and Bass contain the individual mp3 files that can be played online or downloaded individually.

The ZIPS folder contains all the tracks for each voice part as a single set for more convenient downloading. Right click your voice part and select download. Don’t worry about any size or scan warning. The files are safe.  When the download is complete you can see the zip file in your usual download location.  Right click on the file and select Extract All.    Then select where you want to extract the files to.   Then you should be able to play the tracks by clicking on them.

For the more technically minded, you can add them to your media player, upload them to Google Play Music, or iTunes and download the tracks to your phone.

Downloading and or playing tracks on your Phone

When using your phone to access a track from the Google Drive PUSH folder you may get an error message. Ignore this message and touch the three vertical dots after the track name and then select “Open in a new window”. The track will play in this new window and the window will have a download symbol that can be used to download the track if desired.

The above method is the simplest way of downloading the tracks to your phone and you don’t need to use the zip files. However if you are technically minded and want to speed up the download then read on.

It is usually preferable to use a PC to download the zip files as the tracks will need to extracted from the zip file. The README files on the Google Drive PUSH page gives instructions about extracting the tracks. The tracks can then be transferred to a folder on your phone.

However, for the very technically minded, if you need to use your phone to download the zip files then you may get an error message. Ignore this message and touch the three vertical dots after the file name and select “Open in a new window” and continue with the download. To extract the files using an Android phone install a free app called AndroZip or on an iPhone you can use the free app called WinZip for iOS or iZip.


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